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Remember that Special Person in Your Life

The Nursing Foundation of Maryland invites you to remember that special person in your life by honoring this individual with a tax exempt donation to the Foundation. Often on occasions of special life events, promotions, retirements, and sadly at deaths, it is difficult to find a meaningful or the “just right” way to recognize a person who contributes or has contributed much to your life. This individual may be a family member, a friend, a mentor, a colleague, a healthcare provider, or an educator who has given to your personal growth.

The individual you honor will be recognized in The Maryland Nurse, the professional publication of the Maryland Nurses Association and the Nursing Foundation of Maryland which is circulated to every nurse licensed in Maryland. You may be acknowledged along with the individual or you may remain anonymous. The individual you honor will receive a letter from the Foundation as notification of your gift.

A gift of this nature is truly a gift that keeps giving as the Foundation’s purpose is to advance the educational and professional standards of nursing and nurses through the awarding of scholarships and grants.

To download this invitation, click here. Use it on that occasion when you want to honor that amazing person.