Continuing Nursing Education-CE Applications

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Applications arriving at the MNA office on or before November 27,2017 will be accepted for review before the office closes for the holiday season. 
Applications arriving after November 27th, should have the first activity start date as 1/24/18 or later and will be held for review when the office re-opens on January 2, 2018   

The office will re-open on Tuesday, January
2, 2018.
When the office re-opens, we will resume accepting activity applications with an activity start date of January 24, 2018 or later. 


In the "Application Resources" and "Individual Activity Application Documents" sections below, you will find:

1. Document updates
2. New guides 
3. Summary of the requirement changes (See 2017 Criteria Updates)


Based on the criteria changes announced by ANCC in October 2017,  this information has been prepared to help you to identify the requirements needed for your individual activity application submission to MNA for approval to award for contact hours.

Below you will find the documents and information needed to:
  1. Apply for approval to award contact hours for individual activities
  2. Apply for approval to become an approved provider of nursing continuing education
  3. Assist with the application process for both applications

Continuing Nursing Education Program Approval Guidelines

The Maryland Nurses Association (MNA) is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Commission on Accreditation (COA).

The ANCC COA accreditation signifies that educational activities approved by MNA meet national standards for quality continuing nursing education.

Continuing nursing education, according to ANCC, is an activity designed to "enrich the nurse's contributions to quality health care and pursuit of professional career goals". Continuing nursing education does NOT include activities intended to assist the participant to acquire, maintain, and/or increase the level of competence in fulfilling...assigned responsibilities SPECIFIC to the expectations of the employer.

Applying for Contact Hours for Continuing Nursing Education "Individual Activities" and applying for "Approved Provider Status"
Application submissions are now being reviewed following ANCC's Oct 2015 criteria and requirements

A few documents have been revised as a result of the criteria changes of October 2015.
(To see what has changed see "Criteria Updates" below)


The non-refundable fee to review an individual activity application is $100.00 plus $10.00 for each contact hour (total of all the presentations/activities that qualify for contact hours and will offer contact hours in your activity).  The review fee must accompany the application. 

For instructions on calculating contact hours for the review fee payment click here.  Also click on the "FAQ" link below under the "Application Resources" header for additional details. 

LATE FEES -  (For Individual Activity Applications-Non-Refundable)

$150 Late fee:  Applied to applications received 5-7 weeks prior to presentation date

$300 Late fee:  Applied to applications received 2-4 weeks prior to presentation date

$500 Late fee: Applied to applications received under 2 weeks prior to presentation date

(Under 2 weeks option is not available for new applicants.  New applicants must allow for 3 or more weeks for application review)

Individual Activity applications received with less than 2 weeks until presentation date for review, must include review and late fee before review will begin.  If received without full payment, review will be delayed and possibly declined for review

Late Individual Activity applications will be reviewed dependent upon the availability of reviewers and completeness of the application. The late fee must accompany the application. Same day or walk-in application review requests are not accepted. 

The non-refundable approved provider application review fee is $1250.00
. The review fee must accompany the application.  Same day or walk-in application review requests are not accepted.
There are currently no late fees associated with Approved Provider application submissions


Contact hours for an Activity OR Approved Provider Approval



Maryland Nurses Association
Attn: CE Applications
6 Park Center Court, Suite 212
Owings Mills, MD  21117

(Approval period lasts for 2 years)
  1. Applications should arrive at the MNA office at least 8 weeks prior to the first presentation date in order to provide time for review. 
  2. Submissions received less than 8 weeks prior to presentation date or expiration date are subject to a late fee or denial of review. Same day requests are not accepted. 
  3. Please submit your payment, ONE paper copy and either a CD or USB containing ONE PDF of the entire application packet. 
  4. Please allow 2 - 8 weeks for a reviewer to review your application and respond with feedback
APPROVED PROVIDER APPLICANT Submissions: (Approval period lasts for 3 years)
  1. Applications should arrive at the MNA office at least 3 months prior to the expiration of your approval status or start of educational activites requiring contact hours in order to provide time for review. 
  2. Although at this time, late fees are not applicable to approved provider applications should your approved provider application arrive at our office less than 3 months prior to the expiration of your approval status or start of continuing nursing educational activities requiring contact hours, you risk your approval status expiring before approval can be given. You may still provide continuing nursing educational activities, however, to award contact hours you will need to submit your individual activities to us for review and approval to award contact hours or you can offer the continuing nursing educational activities without contact hours  
  3. Please submit your payment and TWO paper copies of your entire approved provider application packet
  4. Please allow 3 months for a reviewer to review your application and respond with feedback
It is very rare that an applicant does not respond to a modification request before the presentation date of an activity or date of expiration for an approved provider application.  However, MNA is committed to the standards specified by ANCC that ensure continual improvement to the process of awarding contact hours for educational activities.  Therefore as the commission on accreditation continues to approve and revise criteria requirements, MNA will ensure applicants adhere to the standards that are in place at the time your application is being reviewed for approval.  As a result:

  • Individual Activity Applicants have a maximum of 6 months from the time a modification request is made to complete all modifications requested. After 6 months your application will be considered cancelled and you will need to reapply.

  • Approved Provider Applicants have a  maxium of 4 months from the time a modification request is made to complete all modifications requested. After 4 months your application will be considered cancelled and you will need to reapply.

Application guidance is and has always been graciously offered to applicants.  Please take a moment to take advantage of the resources we have made available to you to make the application process easier. We appreciate the dedication of our applicants to provide nursing professional development, promote nursing excellence and quality patient outcomes and we want you to clearly understand the criteria and requirements for planning quality continuing nursing educational activities. We have provided information on this webpage and additionally we have a session every October at our annual convention that reviews application procedures and criteria updates.  Although we do provide guidance on the standards for providing quality education, please do not rely on repeated requests for assistance to complete your application. Your application is a demonstration of your understanding of compliance with the current ANCC criteria and requirements for providing quality continuing nursing education.  Once we have reviewed your application, we will provide further guidance to develop your documentation and activities for compliance with the standards set by ANCC.

The good news is the vast majority of applicants do not require any assistance.  Here is why:
  • We offer links to ANCC manuals as a detailed resource for you to review, as well as links to FAQ's and recent ANCC updates (see below)
  • Included in application documents are explanations to assist with completing each section
  • We provide templates as a guide to ensure you understand the information needed to meet criteria for approval

All RN licensing boards nationwide acknowledge and accept contact hours from accredited providers. The state licensing boards of California and Iowa have put some ‘caveats’ on their acceptance. Both the California Board of Registered Nursing and the Iowa board say that if the provider ENTERS their state and presents an activity, the provider must also apply to the that state's board for approval, in order for the nurses from CA and IA to use the contact hours for renewing their licenses. The CA Board of Registered Nursing considers internet learning and other types of home study to be out-of-state, unless the provider is located in CA. They are in Sacramento, and their number is 916-322-3350. The Iowa Board of Nursing considers internet and other types of home study to be in-state. Their number is 515-281-3255


As the Chair of the Continuing Education Approver Committee, I am committed to serving our constituency of continuing education applicants and making the application and review procedure a user-friendly process. Thank you for your support of our program in the past and we hope to continue to assist in your continuing education needs in the future. Please let me know if we can assist you in any way or if you have any questions about the new guidelines.

Janice Agazio PhD, CRNP, FAANP, FAAN
Chair, Continuing Education Approver Committee
Maryland Nurses Association



To view a list of frequently asked questions click here for FAQ's

To view the 2017 Criteria updates for Individual Activity applications click here.


To view the 2015 Criteria updates for Individual Activity applications click here.   
To view the 2015 Criteria updates for Approved Provider applications click here.

To view the latest (December 2016) ANCC Content Integrity Standards Update click here


The 2015 manuals are available for purchase through ANA. For more infomation, click the following link:
2015 Primary Accreditation Manuals

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: Individual Activity Application Application and Documents/Guides to apply for Contact Hours for Individual Activities Updated Oct2017!

Evidence of a review of the presence or absence of conflict of interest for Planners and Presenters (Required)  
The Nurse Planner is required to determine the abscence or presence of conflict of interest or potential bias for all activity planners, presenters and provide evidence of the method of evaluation.
Below are samples of documents demonstrating how the Nurse Planner may provide evidence of performing an evaluation of conflict of interest for activity planners and presenters. 

ANCC Required information for activity participants to receive prior to the start fo an activity  (Required)
ANCC requires participants receive/review specific information regarding the continuing nursing educational activity prior to the start of learning.  This information can be provided on a powerpoint slide, handout, registration form, web page, etc. but must be visible before learning begins.
Below is an sample document that identifies the information required to be disclosed and shows how this information can be be presented to participants.

Required Participant Disclosures  Revised Oct_2017 

Additional required information to submit with application to apply for contact hours:
  • A list of evidence based references for each Presenter's session
  • A full program Brochure/Agenda/Schedule (session times, breaks & welcome included)
  • A copy of the evaluation form/tool used to determine the success of the activity
  • A copy of the method that will be used to identify the individuals who participated in the activity (i.e: Sign in sheet)

UPDATE REGARDING AGREEMENTS for Individual Activity Applications:
Commercial Support, Joint Provider and Sponsorship Agreements for individual activity applications

Although it would be a prudent business practice to outline the roles, responsibilities and agreed terms for both parties when an activity is Jointly Provided, receives Commercial Support  from a commercial entity or receives Sponsorship, it is not an ANCC criteria requirement to submit the agreements you have in place regarding these arrangements, with your application to obtain approval to award contact hours.  You do however, need to disclose to participants (Click on Disclosure to Participants link above for more details) if the activity has commercial support or is jointly provided.

INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY APPLICATION RESOURCES-for assistance completing the application
Available, to assist with the applying for contact hours for individual activities an APPLICATION RESOURCES section.  In this section you will find:
• Links to ANCC's 2015 accreditation manuals (As of Oct 2017, the 2017 ANCC manuals not yet available)
• A list of frequently asked questions; go to "Click here for FAQ's" 
• A summary of the latest ANCC/MNA criteria updates (Oct2017); go to "2017 criteria updates."  

After your approved activity has taken place and evaluated, MNA requires applicants to submit:
1. A summary sheet summarizing the responses received from the evaluations
2. The completed sign-in sheets/roster of identifying the RN's who participated in the activity.
3. A quality review of the success of the activity

Please submit via mail, to
Susan Prentice
Maryland Nurses Association
6 Park Center Court, Suite 212
Owings Mills, MD  21117

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: Approved Provider Application
Application and Documents to apply to become an Approved Provider or re-apply as an Approved Provider
Please complete the following documents to APPLY OR RE-APPLY to become an Approved Provider:

You must also submit (3) three educational activities your provider unit has awarded contact hours for, that have already taken place and evaluated by participants. The evaluations and sign in sheets for the 3 activities must also be submitted.  Two copies of the educational activities, evaluations and sign in sheets must be made and submitted.  

The 3 activities you submit should be the most recent activities you have held.

For use by Approved Providers when PLANNING activities: 

Terminology Note: As an an Approved Provider awarding contact hours for continuing nursing education activities you do not use an "application" to plan your activities you use a "planning template" to PLAN your activites.

In addition to the link to the accreditation manuals you can access at top of this page (see 2015 PRIMARY ACCREDITATION MANUALS), the link to access a list of frequently asked questions (see CLICK HERE FOR FAQs) and the summary of 2015 criteria updates (see"To view 2015 criteria updates....")  we have also made available, a training webinar and powerpoint to assist you with getting to know the Approved Provider application.  Learn about the Approved Provider application, with an explanation of the details and narratives applicants are expected to provide when applying to become an Approved Provider.

Below you will find the previously recorded training webinar held for Approved Providers applicants in February 2013 and the webinar Powerpoint. The Webinar was moderated by the MNA Chairperson of the Continuing Education Approver Committee, Janice Agazio, PhD, CRNP, FAANP, FAAN

Please note since these materials were made, the 2015 criteria was announced In October of 2015.  Although, they affect the amount of information applicants need to provide, these resources can still guide you in understanding the depth of what is required for approved provider applications. Please stay tuned for an update to these materials, to reflect the changes that have taken place in 2015, in the later part of 2016.

1. Webinar :  Click the following link to view the Approved Provider Training Webinar held on February 22, 2013:
2013 Approved Provider Criteria Overview Webinar : This webinar is approximately 60 minutes

2. Powerpoint:  Click the following link to access the Powerpoint prepared for the Approved Provider Training Webinar session held on February 22, 2013
2013 Approved Provider Criteria Overview Powerpoint

Following approval as an Approved Provider, the following reports will need to be submitted to the MNA office.  They can be submitted via mail or email to Susan Prentice, 

  •  Annual Report for Provider  (Once a year)
  •  Continuing Education Activity Summary  (Twice a year - June and Jul

Questions may be directed to Susan Prentice via email at