Continuing Education-CE Applications

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Below you will find the documents and information needed to:

  1. Apply for approval to award contact hours for an individual activity
  2. Apply for approval to become an approved provider of nursing continuing education
  3. Assist with the application process for both applications

Continuing Education Program Approval Guidelines

The Maryland Nurses Association (MNA) is accredited as an approver of continuing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Commission on Accreditation (COA).

The ANCC COA accreditation signifies that educational activities approved by MNA meet national standards for quality continuing nursing education.

Continuing Education, according to ANCC, is an activity designed to "enrich the nurse's contributions to quality health care and pursuit of professional career goals". Continuing education does NOT include activities intended to assist the participant to acquire, maintain, and/or increase the level of competence in fulfilling...assigned responsibilities SPECIFIC to the expectations of the employer.

Applying for Contact Hours for Continuing Nursing Education Activities 

Currently following the 2013 ANCC CRITERIA 

The ANCC criteria for approval of continuing nursing education activities was revised in 2013. The revised documents are available on this web page. Please be sure to submit all documents required to complete your application.


The non-refundable fee to review an individual activity application is $100.00 plus $10.00 for each contact hour or part of a contact hour requested. The review fee must accompany the application. 

LATE FEES - EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2015 (For Individual Activity Applications-Non-Refundable)

$150 Late fee:           Applied to applications received 5-7 weeks prior to presentation date

$300 Late fee:           Applied to applications received 2-4 weeks prior to presentation date

$500 Late fee: Applied to applications received under 2 weeks prior to presentation date   (Under 2 week option not available for new applicants.  New applicants must allow for 2 or more weeks for application review)

Applications received with less than 2 weeks until presentation date for review, must include review and late fee before review will begin.  If received without full payment, review will be delayed and possibly declined for review

Late applications will be reviewed dependent upon the availability of reviewers and completeness of the application. The late fee must accompany the application. Same day or walk-in application review requests are not accepted.


APPLICATION FEE - EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2015 (For Approved Provider Applications-Non-Refundable)

Effective January 2015, the non-refundable approved provider application review fee is $1250.00. The review fee must accompany the application.  Same day or walk-in application review requests are not accepted.

Application Correction/Assistance Fee

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2015 (For Individual Activity Applications) 

$20.00 non-refundable (see below for details)

Application guidance is and has always been graciously offered to applicants.  Following the 2013 criteria changes instituted by ANCC for CE applications, we experienced a large volume of assistance requests. Additionally, the receipt of incomplete modifications increased causing repeat requests for corrections.  As a result we have found the need to institute an Application Correction/Assistance fee.  This fee will be applied as follows:

Once the continuing education coordinator notifies an applicant of the modifications requested by the reviewer, applicants are allowed a total 4 (four) combined requests for assistance and repeat requests to modify the submitted application to meet requirements for CE approval.  (One request is considered: 1 call or email, etc. for assistance or to repeat a request for modification).  After 4 requests, the following Application Correction/Assistance fee will be applicable for each request:

$20.00 non- refundable charge.  This fee is due upon each request for assistance by applicant and/or following each time modifications received from applicant does not meet criteria.

Please note, many applicants do not require any assistance.  Here’s why:

  1. We offer links to ANCC manuals on this web page to assist applicants with preparing Individual Activity and Approved Provider applications. 
  2. Included in the applications are brief explanations for the desired responses. 
  3. In addition to the application, additional documents have been created as templates, for your convenience, to help you to provide the information we require to meet criteria.

All these resources are made available to you to make the application process easier. 

However, should you require more than the allowed amount of assistance at no charge, with modifying your application once it is submitted, we accept payment over the phone via credit card for Visa and MasterCard payments only.  You may also fax over your credit card information using our new Application Service Fee form .  This form is currently only available upon request from the Continuing Education Coordinator.


Applications should be received at the MNA office at least 8 weeks prior to the first presentation date in order to provide time for review. Submissions received less than 8 weeks prior to presentation date are subject to a late fee or denial of review. Same day requests are not accepted.

Maryland Nurses Association
21 Governors Court, Suite 195
Baltimore, MD 21244

For additional application information..
Click here for additional application FAQs

Reciprocity: MNA approved contact hours are accepted by all states nurses associations and organizations accredited by the ANCC.

As the Chair of the Continuing Education Approver Committee, I am committed to serving our constituency of continuing education applicants and making the application and review procedure a user-friendly process. Thank you for your support of our program in the past and we hope to continue to assist in your continuing education needs in the future. Please let me know if we can assist you in any way or if you have any questions about the new guidelines.

Janice Agazio
Continuing Education Approver Committee
Maryland Nurses Association

CRITERIA UPDATES: Click the following link to view the 2013 Criteria updates: 2013 CEAC Update ANCC Criteria for Applications for Contact Hours

The 2013 manual is available for purchase through ANA. For more details, click the following link: 2013 Mini Manual for Approved Providers and Individual Activity Applicants

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: Individual Activity Application
Application and Documents to apply for Contact Hours for Individual Activities

Also required, please make sure your application includes:

  • A list of references for Presenter's Content
  • A full program Brochure/Agenda/Schedule (session times included)
  • Promotional/Advertising Materials (with appropriate required statement shown on marketing materials)
If your activity will have a sponsor, commercial support or a co-provider you will need to select the corresponding form(s) from the list of documents below to complete your application packet.

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: Approved Provider Application
Application and Documents to apply to become an Approved Provider or re-apply as an Approved Provider

Click on the following link to view information referred to in Question OO4 of the Provider Application:

Need to know more about the 2013 Criteria updates for Approved Providers? We have it for you!

Learn about the new 2013 Approved Provider criteria requirements that has taken effect as of January 2013, with an overview of the details and narratives required for applicants interested in becoming an Approved Provider. We have made available, a training webinar and powerpoint for you to use to assist you with applying to become an Approved Provider.

Below you will find the previously recorded training webinar held for Approved Providers applicants in February 2013 and the webinar Powerpoint. The Webinar was moderated by the MNA Chairperson of the Continuing Education Approver Committee, Janice Agazio, PhD, CRNP, RN

1. Webinar

Click the following link to view the Approved Provider Training Webinar held on February 22, 2013:
2013 Approved Provider Criteria Overview Webinar
This webinar is approximately 60 minutes

2. Powerpoint

Click the following link to access the Powerpoint prepared for the Approved Provider Training Webinar session held on February 22, 2013:
2013 Approved Provider Criteria Overview Powerpoint

Provider 6 month Reporting Documents Upon Approval as an Approved Provider, the following will need to be submitted every 6 months to the MNA office
Annual Report for Provider

Questions may be directed to Susan Prentice at 410-944-5800 or via email at

Please see the MNA Calendar for Association sponsored programs and activities.