RN License Plates

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The Maryland Nurses Association is offering you the opportunity to have specialized RN License Plates for your car.  The RN plates are authorized by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and carry the Florence Nightingale lamp and the acronym “RN.”

To receive your plates, you will need to mail the following to the MNA office:

  • Your full name
  • Your Maryland RN License Number (you must be a registered nurse in order to obtain these specialized tags)
  • A check or money order in the amount of $75 made payable to the Maryland Nurses Association
  • A sheet with your current address, phone number and email address

Mail to:
Maryland Nurses Association
21 Governors Court, Suite 195
Baltimore, MD  21244

Upon receipt of these materials our office will return to you, a MVA application for you to complete and return back to the MNA office.  Your application will be processed and your tags will be mailed to you from the Motor Vehicle Administration.

Please allow 5-8 weeks for your request for RN plates to be processed through the system at the Motor Vehicles Administration.

Please direct questions about the RN tags to Marie Ciarpella at mciarpella@marylandrn.org or (410) 944-5800.