History & Mission

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The Maryland Nurses Association was founded on December 14, 1903, as a state society of nurses called The Maryland State Association of Graduate Nurses. In response to an invitation for a preliminary committee, about 400 nurses assembled in the Arundel Club Hall in Baltimore and began framing the constitution and purpose using the following words, "The object of this Association shall be to procure State registration; to elevate and maintain the standard of nursing and to promote good fellowship among all nurses." Miss M. A. Nutting served as the first president of the Association.

Immediately after being formalized, The Maryland State Association of Graduate Nurses set itself at once to accomplish the first objectives for which it was created, namely procuring of state registration for Nurses. Right away the Association was involved with legislation, a focus that is a key area of concentration to this day. A bill was put forward to form a Board of Nurse Examiners. The legislation was supported by the legislature without opposition, alteration, or amendment from the original draft. It was signed on March 25, 1904, by Governor Warfield. This body evolved into the current Maryland Board of Nursing.

The Maryland Nurses Association has served as the voice for nursing in the state of Maryland for over a century and continues to work hard for the practicing nurse.


The Maryland Nurses Association promotes excellence in the nursing profession with a culture of camaraderie, mentoring, diversity, and respect for colleagues. We provide programs and educational development for continued personal and career growth. As the voice for nursing in Maryland, we advocate for policy supporting the highest quality healthcare.