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All MNA committees assume the duties specified in the Bylaws.  The Committees meet as appropriate and report their findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

The Board of Directors may authorize the Executive Committee to perform such duties as the Board deems expedient between meetings of the Board.  This Committee shall meet at the call of the President or upon the written request of three of its members.  It shall make a complete report at each meeting of the Board of Directors.  Further, the Executive Committee shall prepare job performance evaluations for the Executive Director with input from the Board of Directors.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall oversee the finances; evaluate fiscal impact of proposed programs and projects as well as recommend and monitor financial policies. 

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall: review the Bylaws of all District Nurses Associations which apply for recognition as constituent associations of MNA and report the findings to the Board whose decision shall be final; solicit and study suggestions for proposed amendments which the committee shall prepare amendments to be submitted to the membership; interpret the Bylaws when adherence to the Bylaws is questioned as a result of development and implementation of policies or procedure.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall seek qualified candidates for MNA offices and submit a ballot to the Board of Directors.

 Center for Ethics & Human Rights Committee

The Center for Ethics & Human Rights Committee shall forster high standards of nursing practice; work for the improvement of health for all people; and serve as a resource for all registered nurses in ethical decision-making in advocating for health care.
Ethics & Human Rights Committee Mission and Goals

Continuing Education Approver Committee

The Continuing Education Approver Committee shall review continuing education provider applications to ensure that applicants meeting American Nurses Credentialing Center Committee on Accreditation (ANCC COA) requirements.

Continuing Education Provider Committee

The Continuing Education Provider Committee shall assess, plan, implement and evaluate continuing education programs provided by MNA.  The Committee shall work with District Nurses Association program planners to develop and implement continuing education programs that meet the criteria established by ANCC COA.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee shall: recommend health care legislation for the State of Maryland; monitor health care legislation in the state; prepare and submit legislative platform for Board of Directors approval; serve as advocates for the MNA legislative platform; and prepare and submit an evaluation of the MNA lobbyist to the Board of Directors.  To review a copy of the Legislative Committee's Standing Rules, click here .

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall identify strategies to increase and retain membership.  This Committee shall identify situation/problems and issues within District Nurses Associations which impact membership.

Practice & Education Committee

The Practice & Education Committee shall identify, monitor and report on current practice and education issues, trends, and developments.  The Committee shall collaborate with other practice specialties, including Liaison of Maryland Nurses Organization (LMNO), Maryland Board of Nursing and MNA organizational affiliates on practice and education issues.  The Practice & Education Committee shall also recommendpositions on related polices to the MNA Board of Directors.